Strikerz Soccer Card Game

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StrikerZ Card Game is a fantastic football game with cards! It is not a game "about" football. It IS football! Players pick and discard through a full deck as they try to get one of the three combinations to shoot for a goal! Each team has 11 players, 3 super-subs and a manager! Enjoy light and fun strategy as the shooter and keeper try to outsmart each other on shot attempts: Big Goals! Big Saves!
Do you think that you will manage your team to easy victory? Will the referee and assistants influence the game for you or against you? Watch out as there are whistles, offsides, yellow cards and red card ejections! Either manager can make a key substitution at the right time to change the game! A game of skill and luck!

This is an excellent game for football fanatics, couples, or children.

For 2 players, Ages 7 to Adult, 30 minute time frame.