Star Wars The Clone Wars Cartoon Network Clone Trooper Action Figure

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Once the announcement of an Clone Wars [Animated] line was made public, collectors began to fixate on how the Clone Troopers from the line would look like. It’s no secret that the figures in the Clone Wars [Animated] line come with very little articulation, but it sadly is true that the Clone Trooper action figures in this line come with the least! Although they possess a great sculpt through an animated interpretation, the Clone Wars [Animated] Clone Trooper is really a disappointment in what few positions it can be placed. As the most “active” characters in the entire Cartoon Network micro-series, it’s a shame that Hasbro didn’t get a little generous and add a few more points to these action figures, but then again, this isn’t an action figure line about articulation. This line is about translating beautiful animation into three dimensional miniature plastic statues to forever immortalize one of the greatest multimedia events to ever grace the Star Wars saga.

Clone Trooper does have an excellent and screen accurate sculpt. Although it depends on the sample, we have noticed that the paint operations are quite sloppy on this figure. The crazy part about this is that the Clone Trooper has only a handful of colors so we’re quite shocked that they’ve been so sloppily applied (on our sample at least). In particular, the black paint used to decorate the visor (and a few other parts on the figure) has been over-sprayed and leaks onto the white portions around the visor. So we find this detail a little bit disappointing. Also, with a clean white body it’s probably easy for the figure to pick up some “artifacts” that adulterate the clean white canvas of the figure. And sadly that’s what has happened here. You will find some splotches here and there which shouldn’t be part of the figure but they’ve affixed themselves to the white armor. This is sometimes expected and white figures are definitely hard to keep clean. But maybe they shouldn’t have these issues right out of the gate.

Hasbro missed out painting a few key details and as a result the Clone Trooper looks a bit off in a few places. Most notably off is the helmet. It’s missing the thin black line running across the top of the visor. It feels like his “face” isn’t framed and that gives the head an oddly shaped feel. Thankfully, there are enough other parts to the Clone Trooper that Hasbro mastered beautifully, including the belly area, and they distract you from what is wrong with the figure. Clone Trooper comes with a nicely detailed DC-15 blaster rifle. It would have been wonderful if Hasbro included the regular DC-15 blaster, but the longer rifle is very well done. It can be only be held in his left hand because his right hand is in a fisted position. His left arm is angled at 90 degrees, which actually helps the way the figure looks while posed with the gun. Also included is an action figure display stand. more of a novelty item, these stands are nice, but not really that helpful for holding up these action figures.