Star Trek Attack wing - Vulcan Faction Pack - Live long and Prosper

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Your mind to my mind, your thoughts to my thoughts. The highly logical Vulcans return to Star Trek Attack Wing with their very own fleet with all new versions of the Nebula Class, Constitution Class, and two D'Kyr Class ships! In addition to these beautiful and technologically advanced ships comes a plethora of new characters, including Muroc, Solok, T'Pol, T'Pau, Chu'lak, Vorik, and T'Paal. Add these captains and crew your ship and compliment them with all new weapons and tech such as the Photonic Auto Cannon, the Katric Ark, and the Stone of Gol! That's not all! This faction pack also includes two new ambassadors: V'Lar and Soval. Infinite diversity in infinite combination!