Seven Soldiers Of Victory TP Vol 01

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Written by Grant Morrison Art by J.H. Williams III, Simone Bianchi, Cameron Stewart, Ryan Sook & Mick Gray and Frazer Irving Cover by Bianchi One of the most creative minds in comics, Grant Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN, THE INVISIBLES, JLA, ANIMAL MAN) delivers his most groundbreaking and ambitious project yet: SEVEN SOLDIERS! Comprising seven different 4-issue miniseries and two bookend Specials, this colossal 30-part tale of death, betrayal, failure, joy, loss, romance, triumph and redemption is now collected in a 4-volume series of trade paperbacks! This first volume reprints (in original release order): SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY #0, SEVEN SOLDIERS: SHINING KNIGHT #1-2, SEVEN SOLDIERS: THE GUARDIAN #1-2, SEVEN SOLDIERS: ZATANNA #1-2 and SEVEN SOLDIERS: KLARION #1. Independently, each of these characters are featured in a story arc of their own that redefines their purpose in the DCU. But their stories also interweave with the other Soldiers' tales, forming a grander story of a devastating global threat to mankind ― with the ties between them becoming more evident in each new volume. Together these reluctant champions must arise and somehow work together to save the world...without ever meeting one another!