Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game: Scouring Of The Shire

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This 80-page hardback book includes:

– A full history of the Shire, including a timeline of major battles and key events
– 16 Narrative Play scenarios, each including background, board layouts, objectives, rules and more
– An in-depth look at Hobbit armies, with tactics and army lists for The Shire and Sharkey’s Rogues
– 2 standalone Legendary Legion army lists – Defenders of the Shire and The Chief’s Ruffians
– New rules for using Traps in your games
– A handy guide to building a village of Hobbit-holes using the upgrade kit available on the ForgeWorld.com webstore
– Appendix with 3 additional Narrative Play scenarios representing historical battles (including rules for Golfimbul, the Orc Chieftain)

You will need a copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual to use this expansion.