Karla Pacheco - Spider-woman Vol. 2 - Paperback

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Road trip to space! After learning some startling secrets about her family, Jessica Drew goes on a mission to find the one person who might know more: the High Evolutionary! But she s going to need her BFF by her side and that means it s Captain Marvel team-up time! Before long, though, Spider-Woman will be abandoned by those closest to her and only one person will come to her aid Octavia Vermis! Octavia has a cure for Jessica, and the prescription is: crime! Is Jess willing to resort to theft to gather all the tools needed to fix what s wrong? In the shadow of Knull s invasion, Spider-Woman must put everything on the line and then cross it! Even if Jess can find the cure for what ails her, will she still have a life worth saving?COLLECTING: Spider-Woman (2020) 6-10