Watercolour Fairies: A step-by-step guide to painti... by Riche, David Paperback

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How do you see a fairy, let alone draw one? This enchanting book shows how you can invoke the fairy spirit and bring to life the nymphs, sprites, and sylphs of this fabled realm. Turn your brush into a wand and create an entire fairy kingdom in watercolours, the dreamiest medium with which to convey the spirit and nature of these fairy folk. Easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations and photographs enable you to recreate flower fairies, celestial spirits, and mischievous dark fairies. Learn how to capture exquisite detail such as delicate wings and diaphanous gowns. Whether you believe in fairies, or just need a helping hand in order to really see them, this wonderful book contains all the inspiration and advice you will need in order to bring the magic and wonder of fairies to your artwork.